Your call for us to pray that God will bless the church’s authors is currently an especially timely and important request. In fact, Christians need to consider how much the sermons we hear and the Bible classes teachers we learn from are affected by the authors which those ministers and mentors are reading! Disguised behind words that tickle our ears, some may be receiving a diet of fluff or junk foods. Instead, let’s get to know the church’s faithful and trustworthy authors. Call them by name. Give them credit for how they are enlightening. Tell someone else what that author explained to you that was so helpful. Then drop that author a note telling how you benefited from a particular parable or text or concept he or she explained.
Learn more about yourself with these questions: How many authors in the church of Christ can I name? Why did I choose those as my favorite authors? Are all my favorites dead? How do I hear about the books I select? How many publishers can I name within the church of Christ? Does my congregation have a library? If so, what could help us to use it more often?
With discernment, appropriateness, and loving hearts may God bless our authors. With discernment, appropriateness, and loving hearts may He also bless our readers!