Thanks to friends, Forthright Press keeps rolling along, even though Barbara Ann is in Central America and I continue in my corner in Brazil. We have people in place who are taking and filling orders, so there’s no delay in you getting the books you’ve bought.

Also, now that we have our own server, we’re working with our webmaster to get the FPress site going properly. We’ll move off the WP server, which limits the site in several ways, to our own where we can tinker at will.

There’s been some talk among fans (if there are such creatures out there) about publishing my poems done daily during April for Poetry Month. It’s not likely we’ll do a print edition, but an electronic format is very possible. If you’d like to take the daily dose, go here.

Our online presence and contributions grow daily. In fact, the free offerings are well ahead of the books in development, with record growth for The Fellowship Room and (BNc).

As far as BNc, we’ll have a great announcement to make before long of a new, exciting feature.

One thing we missed was linking the BNc site to Forthright Press, as if it were a stand-alone ministry. We now have that fixed, on the About page.

Richard Mansel told us recently that a brother in Christ had written him to thank him for his book, The Most Important Question. He and his wife had been using it in their devotionals together and found it perfect for their needs. It might just fit your needs as well.