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Visitor reads salvation book, is baptized

book on salvationAuthor and preacher Richard Mansel wrote today:

I just completed speaking in a gospel meeting in Savannah, Ga. The lessons were well received and we finished the meeting with a baptism last night. A visitor came to every service, listened attentively, bought my book on salvation and came forward on the last night. We were thrilled!

Where we are with FPress

Thanks to friends, Forthright Press keeps rolling along, even though Barbara Ann is in Central America and I continue in my corner in Brazil. We have people in place who are taking and filling orders, so there’s no delay in you getting the books you’ve bought.

Also, now that we have our own server, we’re working with our webmaster to get the FPress site going properly. We’ll move off the WP server, which limits the site in several ways, to our own where we can tinker at will. Continue reading

The Most Important Question, by Richard Mansel

book about salvationForthright Press’ newest release: The Most Important Question: What Must I Do to Be Saved?, by Richard Mansel.

Richard explores in clear language the answer from the Bible about what is necessary for every person’s salvation. From descriptions of our need, to the work of the cross and our response, the 26 concise chapters trace the path of faith. With discussion questions at the end of every chapter, the book is an ideal study guide for individuals and small groups.

Subtitle: What Must I Do to Be Saved?
Author: Richard Mansel Continue reading