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A generous family of faith

Over where it all started, on Forthright Magazine, I posted yesterday a rare editorial, “Changes afoot,” detailing a few upcoming novelties. I mention a boyhood memory:

Brotherhood evangelistic efforts, as a rule, do not ask for donations from people they are trying to reach. They seek support from within the brotherhood. I remember watching, as a boy, “The Herald of Truth,” when Batsell Barrett Baxter was the speaker, and feeling glad that, differently from denominational programs, no financial appeal was ever made on the program.

Our people have long been generous to support good works. Such generosity signals spiritual health. Let us develop that willingness to spread the Good News of Christ. Let us seek out people laboring in the fields. And let us do what money alone cannot: pray to the Lord of the harvest for more workers.

He said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Therefore ask the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into his harvest, Lk 10.2.

Pray that God will produce fruit from every good effort. Pray that he will uphold the hands of those who labor. Pray that these will be faithful in their task and teaching.

And continue to grow in support of those workers, in every way.

Let us pray for Christian authors, writers, and poets

pray-writersA large religious publisher apparently makes a monthly call for prayer for its authors. Their practice reminds us that many in the brotherhood are writing books, Sunday school curriculum, articles, poems, and posts. Wouldn’t it be a grand thing to include them in our regular prayers?

Perhaps you’d like to include such a supplication to the Lord in a prayer with your brethren as well in private.

A year of plans, one day at a time

Barbara Ann Oliver and J. Randal Matheny

Barbara Ann Oliver and J. Randal Matheny

On behalf of the dozens of people who contribute in some way to the Forthright / GoSpeak / Old Paths family, we pray the Lord’s blessing be upon you for the coming year of 2014.

Fellows and admins of The Fellowship Room, editors and columnists of Forthright Magazine, advisory board members, editors, and contributors of BrotherhoodNews.com, members and collaborators of other sites and efforts, as well as supporters and encouragers of this service done for the approval and glory of God, all join to call upon the Sovereign Ruler for his powerful presence to bring to your life meaning and joy and peace and every good thing. Continue reading

When the news is bad and incomplete

Brethren in moral failuresA recent report on BNc sketched out news about a Michigan preacher who went missing, only to be found safe a few days later in Virginia. He’d left willing, without a word, without his cell phone.

The tendency, in the lack of information, is to speculate. Obviously, something was wrong in some way, but to imagine causes leads one into fruitless directions. Continue reading

Prayer invitation for April, 2011

Prayer of the month for April, 2011

We invite the brotherhood to dedicate the month of April to the following petition:

That we may have a healthy concern for the spiritual well-being of our brethren, by not letting them confront the dangers of immorality or false doctrine alone.

May our missionary petition be:

That we may communicate the gospel “by all means,” as did the apostle Paul.

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