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Changes coming to Forthright Press and Magazine

Major changes are now occurring, and we take them as opportunity for growth.

Major changes are now occurring, and we take them as opportunity for growth.

As of Feb. 25, Barbara Ann Oliver will step down, due to personal reasons, from the daily operations of Forthright Magazine. We will miss her presence and good work.

Thanks, Barbara, for your wonderful contribution all these years.

For now, I will resume editing of articles. We are searching for a managing editor, a volunteer position since the magazine is a free service.

Forthright Magazine has been around since the mid 1990s. It was our first online effort. Everything else we do online has grown out of it.

My son Joel has begun reworking the Forthright Press website and will take over the marketing and sales. He brings experience and knowledge to the process.

Every change is an opportunity for growth. We trust in the Lord to show better ways of serving the church and of helping others seek his way.


Reader: ‘I keep coming back to read what’s new for encouragement’

A reader is generous with his praise.

A reader is generous with his praise.

Today a reader on the Forthright Magazine site was overly generous with praise: has some of the best writers in the church today! I keep coming back to read what’s new for encouragement and challenge and insight, and I am never disappointed.

We’re grateful for the good and faithful writers on the magazine site, as well as our other sites.Read More


John Henson joins Forthright Magazine as Christian Evidences columnist

Columnist John Henson

Forthright Magazine welcomes John Henson as its a new columnist, writing on Christian Evidences.

John serves as a preacher with the church in Grand Blanc, Mich.

John’s first article was titled, “Is Atheism Stronger?” and surveyed Dr. Anthony Flew’s move away from atheism.

He has degrees from Tennessee Bible College in Bible and Philosophy.

He and his wife Judy, says John, have three wonderful Christian children, Christina, Catherine and Sheridan, all above 30. Christy is the mother of a 8-year-old grandson Alexander, and Sheridan will be getting married to a wonderful Christian woman in September.

They have worked with churches in Tennessee and Michigan. Both are life-long members of the church. John was baptized in 1963 and began preaching five years later on an appointment basis.

He named some of his favorite writers: Thomas B. Warren (especially the Warren-Flew and Warren-Matson debates), Roy C. Deaver, Jody Apple (Theistic Evolution), Thomas F. Eaves (my favorite professor and the toughest one), James D. Bales (one of the great debaters, especially his debate on the Existence of God with Teller. I wore out three highlighters and my paperback is worn out), J. Randal Matheny, David Roper and Eddie Cloer.

“I enjoy golf, probably too much, and going to lunch on Sundays with my brothers and sisters here,” John said.

Read more about John in his bio on the “About Us” page of the magazine.

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