FHU Lectureship


We’re at the FHU Lectureship

If you’ve not visited the displays at the FHU Lectureship, be sure and visit our stand. Barbara Oliver is there behind the table, with Mike Brooks, who also has up a display of his work in Nepal and Bangladesh.

We’ve got all the Forthright books, plus some!

The display area is in the gym next to Loyd Auditorium.


Site subject to multiple attacks; FHU booth

Our head is still above water.

Our head is still above water.

It appears we’ve been the subject of sustained attacks to the website. Best we can tell, the weakness has come through the market plugin we’ve used. That has been disabled. We’re in the search for an option that will serve everyone well. In the meantime, we apologize for the inconvenience.

If you go to the Freed-Hardeman University Lectureship, be sure to stop by and visit Barbara Anne at the Forthright Press stand in the exhibit area.



FHU Lectures photo of book stand

Picture of Micah and Barbara Ann at book stand at FHU Lectures.

Picture of Micah and Barbara Ann at book stand at FHU Lectures.

Forthright Press at FHU Lectures

Michal Swain (l.) of GO Evangelism, and Barbara Ann Oliver (r.), of Forthright Press, enliven the book stand at the Freed-Hardeman Lectures. Click on the pic for the full size.


Book exhibit at FHU Lectureship

Co-director Barbara A. Oliver will be staffing a booth for Forthright Press in the Lectureship Exhibit area during Freed-Hardeman University’s Annual Bible Lectureship, in Henderson TN.

The Lectureship runs from Sunday, Feb. 7 to Friday, Feb. 12. The theme for the 74th event is: “Perfecting God’s People, Christ and Culture in Corinthians.”

We’ll be sharing exhibit space with Clarity Publications and Gospel Opportunities, so you should see Jeff Jenkins and Robert and Michal Swain hovering around as well.

Richard Mansel, managing editor of Forthright Magazine, and Mike Brooks, Forthright columnist, also promise be present, shuttling between lectures and the exhibit space.

Other Forthright authors and friends will be coming through, so make a point to stop in and say hello. And buy a book.