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How to make great choices that will transform your life

Ramp up your willpower! CHOOSE! 13 Choices to Transform Your Heart and Soul is now ready to be mailed to you today so you can make those changes you’ve been struggling to implement.

The book opens the door to making right choices to change your life forever.

“Great read. Must have!” –John Henson

With an almost poetical touch, the book brings a special feel with dark brown ink on cream paper.

At the low price of $9.95, plus shipping and handling ($3.25), you can’t get a better deal on such valuable content. Continue reading

‘Choose’ book in final stages

The remaining chapters from the UPLift material for the “Choose” book have now been formatted. (The title is still up for grabs.) I still have one, possibly two, chapters to write, and these will be material exclusive to the book, not to mention extensive revision and addition to the other material.

I’m excited about this material getting into print. One brother has used it in evangelism classes, which I’d never considered. It will have a wide range of application, to personal life, business, spiritual life and ministry. The book deals with some basic principles inherent in all these areas.

The book should be available in time for graduation. It will make a tremendous gift to high school and college grads, since it deals in wisdom principles that will guide youth and adults alike, and especially to help the graduates get off on the right foot.