Our religion news service with 34 sources

Keep up with the news about those who style themselves Christian.

Keep up with the news about those who style themselves Christian.

labarumCheck out the new religion news service, Christendom News, over on Twitter. BNc has the scoop about the launch. The Facebook page is limited at the moment, but the Christian Hub seems to be pulling all the tweets. Check the BNc story for details.

The service is updated automatically by pulling in RSS feeds from 34 different news sources. More will be added as we find appropriate sites.


12 burning questions

In the works is a volume by several contributors on 12 burning religious questions, 10 of 12 of them posed by postmodernist emerging-church writer Brian McLaren.

A second chapter has been received, and a third is on its way; I’ve seen the draft form and it looks good.

We have all the slots for writers filled, save one.

McLaren attempts to recast Christianity in a whole new frame of reference through his questions in A New Kind of Christianity.

I’ve been working not only on editing and formatting the material that has begun to arrive, but on book titles and cover photos as well.

Working title: The Right Kind of Christianity.

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