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G/F offers an amazing variety of Christian content on the web — and in print!

G/F offers an amazing variety of Christian content on the web — and in print!

The GoSpeak / Forthright ministry offers one of the most complete lines of Christian and Biblical content on the Internet.

Here are some of our major offerings:

Forthright Magazine — Where it all started, and now with daily articles on Biblical and Christian topics by an amazing group of columnists. — Reports from around the world about Christians and congregations engaged in the Lord’s work and facing the challenges of a lost world.

The Fellowship Room — Internet gurus call it a group blog; we call it the place to hang out, where grace abounds.

Believing Prayer — The site for prayers, sometimes in verse form, prayer requests, and teaching on prayer.

The Christian Hub — Links galore, updated constantly, give you access to a huge collection of Christian content written by faithful brothers and sisters.

Quick Bible Truths — The gospel in short bursts of 140-character tweets, great for sharing with friends or church bulletin fillers.

Christian Poets — In this wide space poets share their work on themes wonderful and mundane (along with Cloudburst Poetry).

UPLift/Your Day to Shine — Positive Christian attitudes put into words provide real motivation for real people.

WiseBible — A site that starts with the Biblical text determines meaning and makes application to today’s Christian living.

A Few Minutes — This one-off Bible study presents what one must do to be saved. How could we not speak a good word to those outside of Christ?

There you have them. All for free. And, as we said, we offer books in print as well. Check ’em all out!


The Hub gets new look, new feature

Ron Thomas of Sullivan, Ill., is picking out links that appear in Christian Hub and highlighting them with a few remarks in his Pointers. Ron is a careful thinker and serious student of the Word. You can count on him sharing articles and posts to give your faith a real boost and provoke lots of thought about our service to and relationship with the Lord.

We’ve asked your opinion about whether to include just the post titles or some text in the sections. Please help us on this by what you find most helpful.

The previous theme was a dark one, so to lighten up and also to give us some features that were missing in the old one, we’ve chosen a new theme and have personalized it as much as our situation allows. Tell us if you like it.

New sites are being added almost daily. With the automatic updating, you can pop in several times a day and find something new. So visit often, “refresh” the page if you keep it open, and enjoy all that Christian Hub has to offer.

We’ve used a take-off on LOTR to describe the site: “The site to find them all.” A bit pretentious perhaps, but you get the idea.

Friends have already given Christian Hub a nickname — the Hub. I was abbreviating it as CH, but that didn’t catch on. I like the alternative, it gives it character.