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Reader wants second copy. Why not order two copies right off the bat?

One reader hasn’t even finished the book, The Right Kind of Christianity, but already is planning on buying another copy.

I would like to order another copy to share with my congregation, since I underline and write a lot in my copy.

A great idea! Order two already, so you can make your notes in your copy and pass on the other one to someone else. Order HERE.

Time is not your enemy

Following is an excerpt from the book, Choose!

We see time as the enemy. Something we work against. Something that works against us, robs us of life, cheats us out of youth, health, and happiness. Milton called time “the subtle thief of youth.”

We consider time the upturned hourglass whose last grains of sand fall through the aperture while we watch helplessly. A fleeing rabbit to be chased and, by some miracle, trapped.

Yesterday holds a log of lingering woes and fading memories. Tomorrow appears a gathering storm or the bottomless pit of our good intentions. Today we fight a fog of uncertainty clogging along in our daily routine.

But our despair about time wastes it. The Now is where we live. This moment is not merely “all we have,” as if it were little enough, but the gift of God to enjoy, the plenitude of life’s possibilities, the flower in full bloom.

Today draws loved ones near, the present makes plans come to fruition, this moment breathes the air of all that is.

Mick Jaggar, not my favorite philosopher, said, “Time is on my side, yes it is.” He’s right, if I choose today.

The choice, then: to fritter time away by the minute and hour, or to choose today as my day to live, to shine, to love, to laugh.

Choose! makes a great personal or group study, with questions at the end of each of its 13 chapters. Get it here.

Which of the 13 choices would you highlight as essential?

choosefrontcoverpA sister in Christ bought 100 copies of the Choose book for a ladies day. In order to present the book to the participants, she asked author J. Randal Matheny a couple of questions about the book.

Q: Often we see books that address a problem this way: “If you’re feeling “______,” then read “________,” as a tool to make you feel or do better somehow. You address a different way to approach this area. What inspired you to write about choices, and specifically 13 of them? Continue reading

Big quantity of Choose! book is gift for ladies day

choosefrontcoverpA sister in Christ in Texas bought 112 copies of the book Choose! as a gift for the participants in her congregation’s ladies day program.

That’s a whole box of books! We gave her a special rate that made it especially attractive.

Some study groups and Bible classes use this 13-chapter book with questions. But this is a novel idea, to present the book as a gift for a special program.

Contact Barbara Ann and ask about the special rate for a large quantity to make your event even more special.

Call (901) 517-7274 for a fast order. Or email her at ba@oliver.net.

World’s most read books


The source of the infogram did not say where the data came from. I found it strange that the Quran was not included, or other books of the world’s major religions. Be that as it may, the list makes for an interesting insight into our times.

We’re not surprised by the first most read book, the Bible. It is by far the most translated, most printed, most distributed of all. A tragedy that it is not the most heeded and lived.

Our mission at Forthright Press is to call people to that book as God’s revelation of what he has done in Christ to bring us to himself.


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The Most Important Question, by Richard Mansel

book about salvationForthright Press’ newest release: The Most Important Question: What Must I Do to Be Saved?, by Richard Mansel.

Richard explores in clear language the answer from the Bible about what is necessary for every person’s salvation. From descriptions of our need, to the work of the cross and our response, the 26 concise chapters trace the path of faith. With discussion questions at the end of every chapter, the book is an ideal study guide for individuals and small groups.

Subtitle: What Must I Do to Be Saved?
Author: Richard Mansel Continue reading

How to make great choices that will transform your life

Ramp up your willpower! CHOOSE! 13 Choices to Transform Your Heart and Soul is now ready to be mailed to you today so you can make those changes you’ve been struggling to implement.

The book opens the door to making right choices to change your life forever.

“Great read. Must have!” –John Henson

With an almost poetical touch, the book brings a special feel with dark brown ink on cream paper.

At the low price of $9.95, plus shipping and handling ($3.25), you can’t get a better deal on such valuable content. Continue reading

12 burning questions

In the works is a volume by several contributors on 12 burning religious questions, 10 of 12 of them posed by postmodernist emerging-church writer Brian McLaren.

A second chapter has been received, and a third is on its way; I’ve seen the draft form and it looks good.

We have all the slots for writers filled, save one.

McLaren attempts to recast Christianity in a whole new frame of reference through his questions in A New Kind of Christianity.

I’ve been working not only on editing and formatting the material that has begun to arrive, but on book titles and cover photos as well.

Working title: The Right Kind of Christianity.

Prepub special discount for CHOOSE! book

The book is at the printer! CHOOSE! 13 Choices to Transform Your Heart and Soul will be ready for mailing next month!

The book opens the door to making right choices to change your life forever.

“Great read. Must have!” –John Henson

With an almost poetical touch, the book brings a special feel with dark brown ink on cream paper.

If you order before May 15, we’ll give you over 15% off the cover price — for just $8.50 plus shipping and handling ($3.25).

“Not easy to put down.” –Glenda Williams

For more information about CHOOSE!, check this ad in PDF format.

The book is due from the printer in mid-May, so be sure to get the first copies as they come off the truck.

“You will be blessed by choosing to read it.” –Jeff A. Jenkins

To order, send a check made out to Forthright Press LLC for $11.75, to 607 Devine St., Winona, MS 38967.

Or payment can be made online through PayPal to ba@oliver.net. Be sure to insert your address and purchase choice in the email option on the “Review Your Payment and Send” page.

“I will be using these elements in my classes.” –Rick Eichelberger