Sharing resources with friends is a pleasure. They can do their own study and research in Scripture. A brother in Christ who lives in another state has just retired and plans to spend his time working with the church. He’s a church planter.

Now he’s interested in being an even better student of the Word. He and his wife visited us this week for several days, during the Carnaval holiday period. I shared with him some online resources, recommended some dead-tree volumes, and even sent him away with a few books. He’ll make good use of them.

Such resources are extremely expensive here in Brazil, so we’re excited to make available a few items for low cost, like our most recent release. That’s our purpose with our English-language books as well.

¶ The apostle Peter shows, in 2 Peter 3, how a line of argument about the end-time reaches a wrong conclusion, by deliberate omission of biblical evidence. He presents the evidence that scoffers deliberately ignore to refute their assertions. Quite the good approach.

¶ Good to see brothers and sisters in Christ at the forefront of online ministry. So many good quality efforts are going on. Let us all pray that the Lord may continue to use these and from them bear great fruit.

¶ Reading Jan Towell’s daily emails about the work of World English Institute impresses one how their teachers do such a wonderful job in spite of personal and family challenges. Some of them are retired and must deal with illnesses of parents and mates, for example. Still, they keep teaching. Their dedication is an inspiration and wonderful example of perseverance in the mission of God in face of difficulties.

¶ Did you read the Forthright Magazine editorial last Monday? “Twelve ways the world will not end.” Man doesn’t like to think of God putting an end to his creation. It brings him responsibility he doesn’t want.

¶ Remember that FPress offers a wonderful option for social networking, if you find that Facebook is becoming onerous. This closed silo began adding yet more advertising this week. We give several reasons to use the Christian Forum. Come join in!

¶ A national newspaper headlined a story about doctor who claimed that cancer was the best way to die. Quacks abound. The medical profession is rife with people who love to take money and who prescribe medicines and treatments that do little good except to fill their pockets. Remember the woman in the New Testament who had spent all her money on doctors, without getting better? Many have joined her ranks. So we can be thankful that the Lord Jesus, as the great physician, can and will save eternally every single person who comes to him.