Right Kind of Christianity: Answering Postmodernism’s Questions


Twelve contributors answer the questions that emerging-church proponents put forward in order to reconfigure Christianity.

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One of the main figures in the emerging-church movement, greatly influenced by postmodernism, wrote a book with ten questions, in an attempt to reconfigure Christianity.

Twelve contributors answer those questions, plus two more, and provide clear biblical answers.

The contributors are Don Ruhl, Weylan Deaver, John Henson, Jeff A. Jenkins, Richard Mansel, Ron Thomas, Stephen Bradd, Bill Clary, Matthew K. Clifton, Philip Sanders, Roy Davison, and J. Randal Matheny.

Pages: 111

Editors: J. Randal Matheny and Barbara Ann Oliver

Features: Discussion questions for each chapter


  1. The Narrative Question
  2. The Authority Question
  3. The God Question
  4. The Jesus Question
  5. The Gospel Question
  6. The Church Question
  7. The Sex Question
  8. The Future Question
  9. The Pluralism Question
  10. The What-Do-We-Do-Now Question
  11. The Spirit Question
  12. The Mission/Purpose Question