The book is at the printer! CHOOSE! 13 Choices to Transform Your Heart and Soul will be ready for mailing next month!

The book opens the door to making right choices to change your life forever.

“Great read. Must have!” –John Henson

With an almost poetical touch, the book brings a special feel with dark brown ink on cream paper.

If you order before May 15, we’ll give you over 15% off the cover price — for just $8.50 plus shipping and handling ($3.25).

“Not easy to put down.” –Glenda Williams

For more information about CHOOSE!, check this ad in PDF format.

The book is due from the printer in mid-May, so be sure to get the first copies as they come off the truck.

“You will be blessed by choosing to read it.” –Jeff A. Jenkins

To order, send a check made out to Forthright Press LLC for $11.75, to 607 Devine St., Winona, MS 38967.

Or payment can be made online through PayPal to Be sure to insert your address and purchase choice in the email option on the “Review Your Payment and Send” page.

“I will be using these elements in my classes.” –Rick Eichelberger