Pray for our siteOur webmaster tells us that the recent outages of the FPress site were apparently due to hacker attempts. He says they were unsuccessful, but it did take down the site for two separate periods, for over a day at a time.

Since we are a gospel service as well as a business, might it be appropriate to ask for prayer for the site’s protection?

The New Testament registers no prayers for websites, obviously, but as a part of the Christian arsenal, prayer will help us, in every good effort we make, to “be able to stand against the schemes of the devil” (Eph 6.11 NET).

A hacker may not be conscious of being a tool of Satan, but if he hinders a work done for the kingdom of God, he places himself against the Lord. We may also then pray for his repentance, that he may find eternal life (Acts 11.18).

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