We’ve published a few of these on the Forthright Press blog, and here’s yet another one — out of order as far as the book’s chapters, but within, we hope, the great order of God’s wisdom. So here are 7 important points of wisdom from chapter 3 of Proverbs.

  1. Youth tends to resist the voice of experience. Wisdom is willingness to listen to those who have learned the hard lessons of life and can point out the hidden rocks along the way, 1, 11-12.

  2. “All” is the operative word when it comes to our relationship with God, 5-6. With him, it’s all or nothing.

  3. Don’t think yourself smart, 7. God hates arrogance and pride. Wisdom means fearing God. The smart person justifies his sin. The wise one turns away from evil.

  4. The Lord deserves the cream of the crop and first-fruits of our work, 9. He wants our best. He wants the first part of our labors, not what is left over after we finish spending upon ourselves.

  5. The one who persists in finding wisdom is blessed, 13ff. It offers so many advantages! So be obsessed with understanding the fear of God and the ways of his goodness.

  6. If God used wisdom to create the universe, don’t you think you could use it to build a good life? 19-20.

  7. If you can help someone, just do it, 27-28. Putting off aid to another is brother to actively causing harm, 29-30.