• BNc just published an editorial of Phil Sanders responding to The Tennessean article last Sunday on churches of Christ that drop the “isolationist view.” Phil writes,

Shelly, Sanders and others in the progressive movement have jumped ship for the culture of our time. They accused churches of Christ of thinking they had it all right. This is a misunderstanding. The question among churches of Christ is not so much who is right but rather what is right.

• Two new Fellows, Larry Miles and Stephen Bradd, this week on The Fellowship Room, and another, Ed Boggess, coming on to share his Just-A-Minute radio spots with us. The Fellows are responding wonderfully to the Daily Nudges, as well as sharing their own thoughts and impressions.

• The migration of the Gospel Progress Mission Group didn’t work, so we’re back where we started. Maybe we’ll stay at WP.com, decision needed soon on that. Jon Galloway, of Glasgow, Scotland, also comes aboard GPMG. More on that, on him, later.

• Our condolences to Richard Mansel on the passing of his grandmother yesterday in Florence AL.

• I’m filling in for Richard on Forthright.net and Barbara on BNc while they’re both gone next week to the FHU Lectureship. You are going to visit our book exhibit, right, right?