Barbara Ann Oliver and J. Randal Matheny
Barbara Ann Oliver and J. Randal Matheny

On behalf of the dozens of people who contribute in some way to the Forthright / GoSpeak / Old Paths family, we pray the Lord’s blessing be upon you for the coming year of 2014.

Fellows and admins of The Fellowship Room, editors and columnists of Forthright Magazine, advisory board members, editors, and contributors of, members and collaborators of other sites and efforts, as well as supporters and encouragers of this service done for the approval and glory of God, all join to call upon the Sovereign Ruler for his powerful presence to bring to your life meaning and joy and peace and every good thing.

We pray you may have spiritual goals, wise objectives, and effective strategies for serving the Lord in 2014.

We pray you may keep your focus on the great end of our faith, the salvation of many for the glory of God, as well as find in the daily exercises means to this end. We need both, neither so large in our minds that the other is lost. Such is the hope of the saints, and such is the life to be lived here on earth.

We pray you may find joy in the assembly of the saints, avenues of service to those in need, power in the Word of God for transformation and mission, solace and sweet dependence upon the Master in the quietness of prayer.

May God preserve you from hypocrisy, arrogance, and greed. May he keep you from false steps, from the enticement to sin, from the perverse and malicious who would harm you and the One we represent.

May he also bless you with health, provide you with honest and satisfying work, surround you with family and friends who know you and love you. And, in lacking any of these, may he give you certitude of his benevolent purpose toward you and of his desire to bring many to repentance.

We look forward to walking together with you in the new year, as we take a step at a time, each day as it comes, with the supplication of daily bread on our lips, the cry of maranatha in our hearts, and the plea that he send into the harvest many more workers who will bear much fruit that remains for eternity.