Columnist John Henson

Forthright Magazine welcomes John Henson as its a new columnist, writing on Christian Evidences.

John serves as a preacher with the church in Grand Blanc, Mich.

John’s first article was titled, “Is Atheism Stronger?” and surveyed Dr. Anthony Flew’s move away from atheism.

He has degrees from Tennessee Bible College in Bible and Philosophy.

He and his wife Judy, says John, have three wonderful Christian children, Christina, Catherine and Sheridan, all above 30. Christy is the mother of a 8-year-old grandson Alexander, and Sheridan will be getting married to a wonderful Christian woman in September.

They have worked with churches in Tennessee and Michigan. Both are life-long members of the church. John was baptized in 1963 and began preaching five years later on an appointment basis.

He named some of his favorite writers: Thomas B. Warren (especially the Warren-Flew and Warren-Matson debates), Roy C. Deaver, Jody Apple (Theistic Evolution), Thomas F. Eaves (my favorite professor and the toughest one), James D. Bales (one of the great debaters, especially his debate on the Existence of God with Teller. I wore out three highlighters and my paperback is worn out), J. Randal Matheny, David Roper and Eddie Cloer.

“I enjoy golf, probably too much, and going to lunch on Sundays with my brothers and sisters here,” John said.

Read more about John in his bio on the “About Us” page of the magazine.