choosefrontcoverpA sister in Christ bought 100 copies of the Choose book for a ladies day. In order to present the book to the participants, she asked author J. Randal Matheny a couple of questions about the book.

Q: Often we see books that address a problem this way: “If you’re feeling “______,” then read “________,” as a tool to make you feel or do better somehow. You address a different way to approach this area. What inspired you to write about choices, and specifically 13 of them?

A: Choices are the expression of human free will, so they lie at the center of who we are. Through his commandments, the Lord presents choices to us as the means by which we may know and please him. So our choices reflect movement toward or away from our relationship with him.

The thirteen choices reflect a practical consideration, to allow the book to be used in quarterly study groups or classes. There are certainly more types of choices than thirteen, although some are more basic than others.

Q: Of all the 13 choices you presented in the book, which one would you highlight (besides the obvious one, to choose) as essential for heart and soul transformation?

A: This is a hard question but two especially seem to deserve top ranking: the choice of faith, for it serves as the basis for everything a Christian does; and—especially for me—the choice of gratitude, since this attitude identifies the hand of God and his blessing in our lives even in the worst of times, and in the moments that are less than our ideal (which is most of the time).