Curtis Manor was a Bible Scholar. He still lives at the age of 92, yet has lost most of his memory. While he was preaching at the Mount Vernon congregation in Prescott Arizona, one of our employees, Don, wanted to be baptized. Don was highly involved in C.P. and could not stand without help. Curtis was insulted when I told him that I and a coworker would help Don down into the baptistery, and that he, Curtis could say the words, but Jack and I would put him under the water. Curtis was only 5’2″ and he felt we were planning it that way because of his height. After the baptism, Curtis took me to one side and said, “He would have drowned me.” Don was very spastic, and when Jack and I put him under his arms flailed in many directions.
Baptisms do occur in many ways. I was baptized in a horse trough while attending Western Christian College, and my brother Roy, used his dirt cellar, which he filled with water, when he first went to Belgium.
In the first article, talking about homosexuals, and the sign being “Controversial”. I believe the news people did not know what the word really means. There is nothing “Controversial” about GOD’s word. Dale