Review: book exposes emerging-church movement

Joe Slater of Thayer, MO, has made available his book review of a work exposing the errors of the emerging-church movement.

Faith Undone is a 264-page book written by Roger Oakland, an evangelical premillennialist.

Joe adds information about the movement being promoted by Abilene Christian University, David Lipscomb University, and the ZOE/Wineskins group.

The document is in RTF format, viewable in most word processors and text editors. The review may be downloaded by clicking the following link:

Faith Undone review

3 thoughts on “Review: book exposes emerging-church movement

  1. Billie Cartwright

    I would like to thank the author Joe Slater his diligence and love for THE WORD and his love for The Living Word. Thanks to everyone who sacrifices their time and love for the Unity in The Spirit and The Word. In Christ Bill Cartwright


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