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Our religion news service with 34 sources

labarumCheck out the new religion news service, Christendom News, over on Twitter. BNc has the scoop about the launch. The Facebook page is limited at the moment, but the Christian Hub seems to be pulling all the tweets. Check the BNc story for details.

The service is updated automatically by pulling in RSS feeds from 34 different news sources. More will be added as we find appropriate sites.

Site subject to multiple attacks; FHU booth

It appears we’ve been the subject of sustained attacks to the website. Best we can tell, the weakness has come through the market plugin we’ve used. That has been disabled. We’re in the search for an option that will serve everyone well. In the meantime, we apologize for the inconvenience.

If you go to the Freed-Hardeman University Lectureship, be sure to stop by and visit Barbara Anne at the Forthright Press stand in the exhibit area.


Reader: ‘I keep coming back to read what’s new for encouragement’

Today a reader on the Forthright Magazine site was overly generous with praise: has some of the best writers in the church today! I keep coming back to read what’s new for encouragement and challenge and insight, and I am never disappointed.

We’re grateful for the good and faithful writers on the magazine site, as well as our other sites. Continue reading

Christian and Biblical content to meet your need

The GoSpeak / Forthright ministry offers one of the most complete lines of Christian and Biblical content on the Internet.

Here are some of our major offerings:

Forthright Magazine — Where it all started, and now with daily articles on Biblical and Christian topics by an amazing group of columnists. — Reports from around the world about Christians and congregations engaged in the Lord’s work and facing the challenges of a lost world.

The Fellowship Room — Internet gurus call it a group blog; we call it the place to hang out, where grace abounds.

Believing Prayer — The site for prayers, sometimes in verse form, prayer requests, and teaching on prayer.

The Christian Hub — Links galore, updated constantly, give you access to a huge collection of Christian content written by faithful brothers and sisters.

Quick Bible Truths — The gospel in short bursts of 140-character tweets, great for sharing with friends or church bulletin fillers.

Christian Poets — In this wide space poets share their work on themes wonderful and mundane (along with Cloudburst Poetry).

UPLift/Your Day to Shine — Positive Christian attitudes put into words provide real motivation for real people.

WiseBible — A site that starts with the Biblical text determines meaning and makes application to today’s Christian living.

A Few Minutes — This one-off Bible study presents what one must do to be saved. How could we not speak a good word to those outside of Christ?

There you have them. All for free. And, as we said, we offer books in print as well. Check ’em all out!

Christian Hub: Qualifying church websites are rare

Church websitesWith only a few resources, we opened a section on the Christian Hub for congregational websites. (Remember, the Hub is a dynamic listing, through RSS links, of Christian and Biblical links by churches of Christ.) But we despair of finding usable links.

Why do so many get excluded? Here’s why: Continue reading

When the news is bad and incomplete

Brethren in moral failuresA recent report on BNc sketched out news about a Michigan preacher who went missing, only to be found safe a few days later in Virginia. He’d left willing, without a word, without his cell phone.

The tendency, in the lack of information, is to speculate. Obviously, something was wrong in some way, but to imagine causes leads one into fruitless directions. Continue reading

Call to smoke cigarettes gets attention

Missions supportAs an illustration for missions fundraising, one brother involved in training nationals wrote, “Let me suggest that all members 18 years and older be encouraged to commit to start smoking.” That statement led us to this provocative headline on, “BICA: Get all saints to start smoking.” Continue reading

Can we pray for a website’s protection?

Pray for our siteOur webmaster tells us that the recent outages of the FPress site were apparently due to hacker attempts. He says they were unsuccessful, but it did take down the site for two separate periods, for over a day at a time.

Since we are a gospel service as well as a business, might it be appropriate to ask for prayer for the site’s protection?

The New Testament registers no prayers for websites, obviously, but as a part of the Christian arsenal, prayer will help us, in every good effort we make, to “be able to stand against the schemes of the devil” (Eph 6.11 NET). Continue reading

The Christian Hub website updated

Christian articlesWe’ve tweaked The Christian Hub website, so that it looks a bit cleaner and sleekier. Our content pointers have moved to a blog page, as well as getting their own little category in the news section.

If you’re familiar with Drudge, you’ll feel at home on the Hub. While the former is a news aggregator, the Hub a Christian content aggregator. We call it the site to find them all. (Obvious reference to The Lord of the Rings.)

The email subscription offered on the Hub site gets you the occasional Pointers in your inbox, not more than once a week, usually less often than that.

Finally, a tip for using the site. When you hover over the links, you’ll get more info about the content of that article or news report, to help you evaluate if you want to check out the post.