In this edition:

  • All things change, except one
  • Make a difference
  • POEM: God Creates Anew


Remember the web back in the 90s? Do you pine for those days when spam and bots weren’t a thing? Would you go back to those days and give up all the development that has occurred since then? I thought not.

Change is a given. It’s going to happen whether we like it or not. Things and people die, other things and other people are born. It’s not a cycle, but a progression. Time moves forward. We think it may move slowly or rapidly, but it does move. And is reaching toward the End.

Many changes are uncomfortable. They require we adapt and regroup. One that was recently announced is Google’s end to the free ride. They’re going to start charging for online storage, once you hit your limits. Of course, you were always paying, if not in cash.Read More