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AUDIO: William Davis tells how he left a life of Pentecostalism

william-davis-pentecostalismEarlier BNc reported on William Davis’s lesson May 25 in Alabama, in which he explained how he left Pencostalism.

The audio, about 52 minutes in length, is now available, below:

The audio file may be downloaded by right-clicking this link and choosing “Save File As” from the context menu.

Forthright launches dynamic forum

Be the first to try out the new Christian forum right here on the Forthright Press website.

This cool forum was made for the 21st century, totally unlike the forum scripts popular in the 90s.

You’re welcome to post articles, questions, personal reflections, and links.

You can sign up directly and quickly with the forum service or log in with your Facebook account.

Testing this forum software on my personal blog, I found it to provide a positive experience.

The Christian Forum is an easy space for dynamic interaction.

With it we hope to serve our friends, readers, and family in Christ even better.

Our 2014 recommendation for a daily Bible reading plan

notas-bibliaIn years past, we’ve published a yearly schedule of Bible readings in PDF format.

This year, we found a plan that we’ve been following for several weeks and it has been the best we’ve seen so far.

So we recommend it to you. The link goes to a TFR post where we mentioned it some time back.

Here’s a picture and a description of our experience after 17 days.

There are many good plans out there. What’s important is to find one that works for you and inspires you to read all of God’s word regularly.

And don’t forget that Forthright Press has a number of books to help when you turn from your reading to some serious study.

Podcast: Neal Pollard talks about Aurora shooting

Neal Pollard, the preacher with the Bear Valley congregation in Denver, and Ron Thomas, elder and preacher with the Sullivan IL church, share some tremendous perspectives on this first Forthright Radio podcast.

The podcast was recorded Saturday afternoon, just a day and a half after the shooting in a movie theater in Aurora CO, a suburb of Denver.

Keep your website updated

Keeping a website or blog updated is a challege. But by using feeds from sites like Quick Bible Truths, you can insert the short 140-character posts on your website, and the content will be updated automatically. The feeds are available through Twitter,, or Facebook. For information see this post on how to take advantage of this free offering.

2011 Bible reading plan: New Testament in a year

By reading just one chapter a day, weekdays only, in 2011 you’ll have read the entire New Testament. Great reading schedule for slow readers!

Join us as we read through the gospels, spaced out during the year, Acts and the letters. And surprise! Revelation doesn’t come last in this plan, but 1-2 Thessalonians, which also deal with the end times. The books are placed, as much as possible, in groups to begin on Monday and end on Friday.

You’ll enjoy this daily Bible reading plan in a printable PDF format of one page. You can print it out and keep it with you in your Bible. Just click here to download: readNT1yr2011

If you use this reading plan, we’d like to know through a comment of yours below. That encourages us as well!