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Let us pray for Christian authors, writers, and poets

pray-writersA large religious publisher apparently makes a monthly call for prayer for its authors. Their practice reminds us that many in the brotherhood are writing books, Sunday school curriculum, articles, poems, and posts. Wouldn’t it be a grand thing to include them in our regular prayers?

Perhaps you’d like to include such a supplication to the Lord in a prayer with your brethren as well in private.

We’re hosting a FB group for Christian authors and readers

On Facebook, Forthright Press has opened a group for authors in churches of Christ. It’s open to everyone who’s interested in books in print published for the brotherhood. Authors come from many publishers, and many of them are self-published. All are welcome!

Recent discussions include citation complicated by the Internet, online resources for research, and new books in preparation by members of the group.

Here’s the group description:

Highlighting the work of authors of *books in print,* in churches of Christ, who believe that the New Testament is the pattern for faith and practice. Not for progressives, non-institutional or instrumental positions. Please don’t post notice of events, invitations, or other content not related to writing or authors in churches of Christ.

The groups is designed to encourage authors through contact with each other and to bring authors and readers together.

Prayer invitation for April, 2011

Prayer of the month for April, 2011

We invite the brotherhood to dedicate the month of April to the following petition:

That we may have a healthy concern for the spiritual well-being of our brethren, by not letting them confront the dangers of immorality or false doctrine alone.

May our missionary petition be:

That we may communicate the gospel “by all means,” as did the apostle Paul.

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Accidents, additions, versions, Facebook

It’s hard to keep up with all that’s happening, but I’m going to make a stab at it (no violence intended).

  • Robert and Michal Swain of Gospel Opportunities Evangelism, based in Vilonia AR, and Roy Davison, of Belgium, confirmed participation in the Gospel Progress Mission Group.
  • Michal fell on the ice yesterday and broke her leg; Barbara Oliver slid her car down a 20-foot embankment returning to Vilonia from the Little Rock airport, after taking Robert and another brother to catch a plane for a mission trip to Costa Rica.
  • We began giving a hand on the website for the Missionary Retreat held every May at the Maywood Christian Camp in Hamilton, Ala.
  • On BNc, news of the conclusion of the Old Testament portion of the Great Book, or Plain English Bible, organized by Stanley Morris. Translation work done by our folk is always of interest.
  • Bulletin Digest gains a Facebook page for wider audience. (We also started a Facebook group for the church in SJCampos.)

HCU releases book on God, “I AM”

NOTE: We’re happy to share this good news from Heritage Christian University, sent by email just a few moments ago. We’ve compiled the following from an exchange of emails, with the author’s permission. Knowing the good people who edited and wrote it, plus the wonderful subject which we don’t see much of among our writers, we just had to tell you about it.

by Bill Bagents

FLORENCE, Ala. — The delivery truck from Boaz Printing rolled in delivering the first copies of I AM: A Study of the True and Living God.

The book was edited by our own Jeremy Barrier and Charles Webb of Freed-Hardeman University. Continue reading