Brethren in moral failuresA recent report on BNc sketched out news about a Michigan preacher who went missing, only to be found safe a few days later in Virginia. He’d left willing, without a word, without his cell phone.

The tendency, in the lack of information, is to speculate. Obviously, something was wrong in some way, but to imagine causes leads one into fruitless directions.

In response to a judicious comment on Facebook by a sister in Christ, I said, “Prayer is the best [option] for those of us far away and out of the loop.”

And it is as a call to prayer that we publish such stories about saints who become subjects of police investigations, like the case above. There is much that we will never know and that we have no business knowing.

Such reports ought to generate in every disciple a feeling of compassion and an urge, quickly actioned, to pray.