AUDIO: William Davis tells how he left a life of Pentecostalism

william-davis-pentecostalismEarlier BNc reported on William Davis’s lesson May 25 in Alabama, in which he explained how he left Pencostalism.

The audio, about 52 minutes in length, is now available, below:

The audio file may be downloaded by right-clicking this link and choosing “Save File As” from the context menu.

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4 reasons why posting your public content on Facebook is a bad idea

Maybe you’re happy that a only small group of friends sees your cat pictures or short comments. But your public content deserves to be seen by a wider audience, right? Some things you want the world to see.

When you want to share with the world, your articles, reflections, photos, and links should all be easily available to anyone who wants to see them.

That goes double for devotional thoughts, Bible meditations, and gospel articles.

Here are some reasons why it’s not advisable to post your public content to Facebook, along with suggestions about what to do. Continue reading

Let us pray for Christian authors, writers, and poets

pray-writersA large religious publisher apparently makes a monthly call for prayer for its authors. Their practice reminds us that many in the brotherhood are writing books, Sunday school curriculum, articles, poems, and posts. Wouldn’t it be a grand thing to include them in our regular prayers?

Perhaps you’d like to include such a supplication to the Lord in a prayer with your brethren as well in private.