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Quick Bible Truths gets own website

Bible wisdom

It’s short, it’s pithy, it’s Bible, it’s true.

Quick Bible Truths is great for personal edification, for church bulletin zingers, for posting on the Internet.

You can sign up to the website by RSS or by following the site and getting QBT by email.

Designed for Twitter’s 140-character limit, QBT also offers its truths through WordPress and Facebook. So you can follow it in whatever medium you prefer.

Please share with your friends and Christian family through newsletters, email lists, and bulletins.

Forthright’s Crazy Christmas sale

Prices are slashed to 50%. This offer good until Dec. 31.

Choices: $6 + 2.95 shipping = $8.95
Covenant Marriage $5 + 2.95 shipping = $7.95
Discovering the Kingdom $4 + 2.95 shipping = $6.95
In Search of Perfection $5 + 2.95 shipping = $7.95
Most Important Question $5 + 2.95 shipping = $7.95
Twice as Much Husband $7 + 2.95 shipping = $9.95

For information about the books, see this PDF file.

BNc- Authority: Review of the Hester-Sungenis Debate

PINSON, Ala. (BNc) — On a Friday evening, an audience gathered at the Pinson High School Fine Arts Center to hear reason and evidences regarding the fundamental point of contention among the  ‘religious’ world today: “The Bible is the exclusive standard of authority for Christian faith and practice.”

Robert Sungenis, well known author and president of Catholic Apologetics International, an organization dedicated to teaching and defending Roman Catholicism, was set to defend his belief in additional authoritative sources.

David Hester, evangelist with the Springville Road church, affirmed the Bible as the exclusive will of God to man.

Click the link above for the entire article.

Memorize 100 Bible verses in 100 days -BNc

DENVER, Colo. (BNc) – Jon Warnes believes you can learn 100 Bible verses in 100 days. Over 1,500 people who have signed up to his program agree with him.

Jon began today a 100-day program of Bible memorization, using an event page on Facebook. The program will go through Sept. 5.

Jon will be listing the verses on a weekly basis on the event page and putting verses from previous weeks on his weblog.

New women’s section added to Christian Hub

With a number of Christian authors in the new women’s section, the Christian Hub highlights their contributions and provides a focal point for studies and articles of special interest to them.. The new section went live yesterday. The section is placed at the top of the third column.

As we find more authors that fit the necessary profile (see the CH About page), we’ll add them as well.

BNc welcomes Baptism365

Rick Kelley’s website,, wants Christians to be encouraged by reading about daily baptisms today, just as occurred in Acts 2:47. Now his efforts have just been given a greater platform in a partnership with

Read the details of this new association, Rick’s bio, and a short interview with Rick in today’s announcement on BNc.

Visitor reads salvation book, is baptized

book on salvationAuthor and preacher Richard Mansel wrote today:

I just completed speaking in a gospel meeting in Savannah, Ga. The lessons were well received and we finished the meeting with a baptism last night. A visitor came to every service, listened attentively, bought my book on salvation and came forward on the last night. We were thrilled!